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Innovative and committed

Innovative thinking and special commitment have made us an internationally recognized manufacturer of coatings and a specialist for surface technology. But with all our cosmopolitanism our homeland has remained extremely important to us.


Clear and straightforward

This is what we are known for in the Lippe District in the north-east of North Rhine- Westphalia. And for Hanno Baumann, who manages the family-owned company in the third generation, these values are also the cornerstones of his company and his corporate culture.

A modern employer

As a modern medium-sized coating manufacturer we currently have more than 120 employees at our headquarters in Detmold. Worldwide the PCG Group employs over 220 people of many different professions – from industrial clerks and technical field staff to laboratory and application engineers. And of course we are continuously looking for new motivated and flexible staff members who strengthen our company. The basic condition is innovative thinking and faithful cooperation , as these are the promises we gave to our staff and last but not least to our customers.

Code of conduct

The PCG Group, with the companies and holdings are a family-owned company that works worldwide. The fair atmosphere in our group of companies plays a special role and we feel obliged to act in an ethical and proper way and to follow the legal framework conditions in whatever cultural area we are working.

This is why our code of conduct applies to all of our employees, regardless of their position in the company or the country in which they work for the PCG Group.

Find our “Code of Conduct” here

Changes start small

Did you know that we have been generating electricity with our own photovoltaic system since 2010?PCG – Beyond the surface.
More about sustainability and environmental protection
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