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Detmold, May 2023 – The new, toolbox-style HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR stain system from JORDAN Lacke, a brand of Plantag Coatings, will replace the well-known AQUASTAIN water-based stains (AQUASTAIN AS 331, AQUASTAIN-POSITIV ASP 431 and AQUASTAIN-COLOR ASC 531), which will gradually be removed from the product range. As with the Aquastain stains, all conceivable colour shades can also be self-mixed with the new system.


The single components of the new HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR staining system, i.e., the three available base materials for standard, rustic and positive stains as well as the dye and pigment solutions that can be combined with each other, offer significantly improved light stability, more brilliant colour shades or increased transparency compared to the previous AQUASTAIN materials, depending on the application.


In order to give users customers the possibility of mixing stain shades that have already been decommissioned, Plantag’s colourimetry department has adapted the old AQUASTAIN stain card collection with the new HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR stain system. For this purpose, all the card shades that were displayed on the AQUASTAIN stain cards were re-sampled in order to be able to exactly reproduce the recipes with the new HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR components.


Colour shades of add-on parts to already manufactured objects, which are to meet the identical stain tone, are therefore absolutely unproblematic to implement. Thus, all card shades of the three AQUASTAIN stain cards can still be easily reproduced with the new HYDROSTAIN materials by mixing the corresponding base with the respective dye and/or pigment solutions according to the given recipes. In this way, the company creates an absolutely problem-free product transition to the new development.


The recipes of all AQUASTAIN card shades based on the new HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR components are now available online in the JORDAN Lacke Colormix colour mixing programme. Furthermore, the AQUASTAIN stain cards have also been printed in paper form and provided with the new recipes and are available from JORDAN Lacke technical advisors. In addition, the stain cards are available for download in digital form at in the “Service” section.


Of course, Jordan Lacke’s technical advisors are available to answer any questions about the new staining system.