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Ultra-matt clear lacquer with excellent gloss stability


With the new JORA ULTRA-MATT RESIST, JORDAN Lacke brings the appeal of excimer technology to the paint booths of carpenters and joiners.


What was previously only possible for industrially produced surfaces with the use of UV-curing lacquers can now be implemented in the paint booth. Ultra-matt gloss levels with excellent scratch resistance, which also have an anti-fingerprint effect, can now be achieved using a spray gun.


The new solvent-based clear lacquer JORA ULTRA-MATT RESIST impresses with an ultra-matt gloss level (2-3 gloss at 60°), which until now could only be achieved using excimer technology. Its outstanding scratch resistance and extremely high gloss stability are in no way inferior to industrially manufactured surfaces. The so-called “anti-fingerprint effect” is achieved as a part of the process.


This new product from JORDAN Lacke is particularly suitable for light-coloured substrates and has a very pleasant, soft feel. Due to its very good mechanical and chemical resistance, JORA ULTRA-MATT RESIST can be used diversely.