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PLANTAG Coatings has added another product variant to its NATURELINE product line, which is distributed under the “JORDAN Lacke” brand. The new wood preservative NATURE FIRE-PROTECT 210, which has been approved for its flame resistance capability, has been specially developed for coatings on, for example, hall structures and glued laminated beams.


All products from the JORDAN NATURELINE are purely mineral, biocide- and pesticide-free wood preservatives. The solvent-free wood preservatives are suitable for exterior and interior use. Due to the special formulations, they are absolutely harmless to bees and bats, but at the same time effectively protect against various wood pests and wood-destroying fungi. They are emission-free, flame retardant and environmentally friendly, penetrating into the wood and permanently mineralizing the cellulose. Once dried, they cannot be washed out and as physically acting agents, can be used in contact with the ground without hesitation. In general, the use of NATURELINE product variants significantly increases the fire resistance properties by “silicifying” the outer layers of the wood structure.


The newly developed NATURE FIRE-PROTECT 210 achieves the fire protection class EN 13501-1 C-s1 on spruce and fir, for example. This means that it is flame-retardant and produces only a small amount of smoke in case of fire. The colourless, matt formulated new product is suitable for coating untreated construction wood and wood materials, e.g., for hall constructions and glued beams, but also for ceiling and wall paneling, wood for playground equipment and much more. NATURE FIRE-PROTECT 210 can be applied by brush, roller, pressure sprayer, spray gun, pressure impregnation or by dipping.


NATURE FIRE-PROTECT 210 meets the following standards and tests:

– EN 13501-1 C-s1, d0 (flame retardant)

– EN 71, part 3 (free from extractable heavy metals)

– DIN EN 113:2004 (effective against fungi)


NATURE FIRE-PROTECT 210 is resistant to alternating climates and offers proven termite protection.