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Guest speaker from Plantag Coatings



Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) popularly known as ‘Canadian Wood’, is the non-profit Crown agency of Govt. of British Columbia, Canada to promote use of timber from BC.


FII-India has been actively promoting the use of Canadian softwood species in India by creating awareness and educating the target audience about the properties and applications of these woods.

Amongst many other initiatives Canadian Wood organises seminars/webinars and training workshops to share the best practices in manufacturing and finishing at no cost to its audience and beneficiaries.

In this line the next webinar on wood coatings and best practices take place on Tuesday, 18th January 3PM IST. In this 90 minutes webinar four different speakers will talk on different aspects of wood coatings. 


We are proud that one of them is Volker Benek, Business Development Manager, Plantag Coatings. He will give a brief overview to the topic „Sustainable coatings for export market destinations“.


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